How to Enjoy Icewine..

There are so many ways to enjoy the Icewine experience. All varieties of Icewine are sweet, dessert wines, though they can be made with different kinds of grapes. Icewine is best when chilled before serving, with semi-sweet desserts, or with spicy or strongly-flavored foods. Because Icewine is intensely sweet, a little goes a long way. Icewine stays fresher longer than many other wines as long as it’s sealed and refrigerated because of its rich sugar content. Drink within two weeks after opening bottle.

Enjoy a small glass of icewine as a dessert beverage after a nice meal. The sweetness makes for the perfect comforting nightcap.
Put 200 mL of icewine in a blender and add 8-10 ice cubes. Blend the drink until it has the consistency of a slushie. Pour it into a chilled glass and sip the experience.
Combine 50 mL of sparkling icewine, 50 mL of vodka, and 50 mL of lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Shake it with crushed ice then enjoy it in a martini glass with a lime garnish.
Pour a dash of icewine in your favorite bubble drink or cocktail, such as a Bellini or a mimosa, to add sweetness and complexity.
Icewine perfectly complements strongly flavored foods. The sweetness and acidity of the icewine will pair nicely with strong tastes.
Crab cakes, lobster, or prawns sautéed in butter would be a perfect pairing for icewine. This sugary wine will complement the flavor of the seafood while its sour undertones balance out the richness.
Spicy dishes, including curries, Cajun dishes, and spicy Asian cuisine, pair well with ice wine. The cool and sweet fruitiness of icewine is a perfect balance to the spice and heat.

Icewine pairs well with dessert items like dark chocolate. Choose a dessert that is not intensely sweet.

Sparkling Vidal Icewine is an impressive aperitif or greeting drink – pour 57ml in a glass serving and drop in a blueberry or a frozen grape.

Icewine offers unique flavours to glazes, sauces and marinades.

Riesling and Vidal Icewine are an unforgettable pair with rich seafood, Sushi and Thai food.

Sparkling Icewine is the most versatile and can pair with almost anything due to freshness and dryness perception caused by the bubbles from beginning to end of a meal; it stands up to the heat in spicy foods.